Lesson 3: Taking Tests


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this lesson's material, students will be able to:

  • take a test/quiz that involves a multiple choice question.
  • take a test/quiz that involves a written answer.



Of course you all know that you can't get out of it...testing is a part of school and learning. Not only is it a way to ensure that students are acquiring the skills and knowledge the need to pass the class...the actual act of preparing for, taking, reviewing feedback from a test is an integral part of the learning process.

Tests and Assignments

In Blackboard language there are really only two different kinds of assessments (things that teachers ask you to do to demonstrate your learning).

  • Tests
  • Assignments

Tests, this Lesson's focus, are most comprised of questions that you answer right in Blackboard. You might select an answer among multiple options, complete a sentence, match pictures with names, or even write a short essay. But in tests, you do this work right in Bb.

Assignments have you creating your work outside of Bb and submitting the file. An assignment might have you write a paper and submit a copy of the Microsoft Word document itself as an attachment. Other assignments include presentations and even links to other web-based sources.

"A Rose, by any other name is still a Rose"

This Shakespearean quote is apt when talking about Tests and Assignments. Your Instructor may use the Tests and Assignment tools in Blackboard but might call them something else.

Here are some names of "Tests" we have seen:

  • Test
  • Quiz
  • Exam
  • Final
  • Journal
  • Questions
  • Lab
  • Proposals

Here are some names of "Assignments" we have seen:

  • Assignment
  • Project
  • Paper
  • Research Paper
  • Presentation
  • Lab Report
  • Photo Journal
  • Website

Either way, the technology end on Blackboard works the same no matter what you call it!

How to take a Test

Here is a short movie showing you how to take a test answering a multiple choice question and a short answer question. - There is no audio in these videos.



Your Faculty may decide to assign tasks in their class to help you demonstrate these skills. Check with your instructor.