Lesson 5: Checking Grades and Accessing your Instructor's Feedback


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this lesson's material, students will be able to:

  • how to check grades and view Instructor feedback.



Tests and Assignments are not only measures of performance but they are part of the learning process. A key component of this is to read the feedback that your instructor provides when they grade your work...regardless of what the grade is!!

When your Instructor grades your work they very often will leave comments on what was good and on what could be improved. In essence, they justify why they are giving you the grade. Processing this feedback is vital to the learning process and key to not making the same mistakes over and over.

Finding Instructor Feedback

Here is a short movie showing you how to check on feedback given in a quiz. - There is no audio in these videos.



Your Faculty may decide to assign tasks in their class to help you demonstrate these skills. Check with your instructor.