Lesson 1: Using Messages


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this lesson's material, students will be able to:

  • use the Blackboard Messages tool to send an "email" to themselves and to another member of the class.



If you are familiar with email you can use this tool. Messages works just like email except it is only for the members of the class (students, Professors, etc.) You can only send messages to other members of this class, including your classmates (in the particular class) and your instructor, using this tool.

This is an excellent tool to get in touch with your instructor if you have any questions about the class or assignments.

Your instructor will also reach out to you through this tool so it is very important to check your course Messages EVERY DAY!

How to use Messages

As I said, if you know how to use email, you can easily use Messages.

Here is a short movie showing you how to compose a message (both a "to" and a "cc" message in Messages) - there is no audio in these videos.


Note: You can have Bb notify you if you have new messages in any of your courses. This notificaiton would display right when you log into Bb on the same page that lists all your classes! To set this up, follow the instructions in the document below.

Setting up the Messages Module in Bb


Your Faculty may decide to assign tasks in their class to help you demonstrate these skills. Check with your instructor.