Faculty Guide - Essential Learning Outcomes and VALUE

As part of our mission, KVCC is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, liberal arts oriented education.

Essential Learning Outcomes

The KVCC Institutional Assessment Committee and the Faculty Senate have identified specific "Essential Learning Outcomes" that we wish all of our graduates to have. These include skills in the following areas:

Effective Communication

___Written Communication
___Oral Communication
___Interpersonal Communication

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Quantitative Reasoning

Click HERE to visit the information page on Essential Learning Outcomes Assessment

VALUE Rubrics

The Department of Social Sciences has adopted the American Association of Colleges and Universities' VALUE Rubrics to developing assignments and rubrics for assessing the Essential Learning Outcomes (with the exception of Interpersonal Communication) and the additional ares outlined by the AAC&U model.

Click HERE to visit a page that links to each of the 16 VALUE Rubrics
(...and the additional rubric regarding Interpersonal Communication)

Operationalization of ELO and VALUE Assessment

The Department has adopted a strategy to create standardized assignments in specific courses that are targeted to teach and assess student competence in all of these areas. Specific outcomes were assigned to courses that were thought to be a good fit for the kind of learning outcome identified.

These assignments are embedded in the Blackboard Course Templates for each of the classes in the Department and can be found in the "Special Assignments" section of the course.

These assignments cannot be edited. If you wish, and this is highly encouraged, to contribute your input to the development of better and more effective standard assignments, then communicate this with the Department Chair.

Special Assignments

You are required to teach to and develop support in your class to assist your students' success in each of the "Special Assignments" that appear in your course. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the expectations of each of these assignments and to incorporate them into your class.

The entire assignment structure has been created for you...instructions and the tests or assignment drop boxes that the students will use to submit their work. These assignments must ALL be done online!

There is a single rubric, at this time, developed to grade the Special Assignment. At some point in the future you may need to use two rubrics (one for assessing the grade on the assignment, and another for assessing the ELO or VALUE outcomes for Institutional Assessment). In the past there were two rubrics, now there should only be one in each. Work on this is active.

By placing all of this in Blackboard we are able to gather this data across different classes in order to assess how we are doing in meeting our mission to provide a comprehensive, liberal arts oriented education.