Faculty Guide - News

This document outlines what is new and exciting for SPRING 2016!


MHT 101: Mental Health Seminar
We are now in our second semester of the Mental Health Seminar. The course has been updated and modified based on our first trial run in the Fall.

PSY 208: Advanced Topics in Psychology - Forensic Psychology
Long time adjunct Nancy Hebert will be teaching this course in the Spring of 2016


We have some new Faculty teaching in our Department this semester. Some of these folks are simply new to ME as I am now managing the course delivery for the Education programs.

  • Adrien Lemar - SOC 101 and PSY 101
  • Nancy Hebert - PSY 208: Forensic Psychology
  • Nancy Cronin - PSY 215
  • Valerie Lambert - MHT 101 and MHT 226
  • Jessica Powell - ECE 133 and ECE 155
  • Geogia Vallee - ECE 133 (Dual Enrollment)
  • Kristen Holzinger - ECE 134
  • Jenny France - ECE 134 (Dual Enrollment)
  • Rhonda Kaiser - ECE 140
  • Jane Brennan - ECE 145 and EDU 230
  • Martha Naber - ECE 250
  • Susan Baker - EDU 235

A VERY special THANK YOU goes out to Addie Pelletier who is teaching the last course in our Speech and Language Pathology Assistant program. Addie has been instrumental in teaching out this program and we are in her debt for helping us with this program!


Room 222 in the Averill building on the Alfond Campus is now a dedicated space with video recording equipment and editing computers. If you would like to record some lectures or presentations in your class, this room can be used.

We are still working to set up some of the materials and to develop some training and orientation manuals, but the room is there. We will be holding meetings in this room as well.


We are currently awaiting the development of standardized rubrics for the assessment of Essential Learning Outcomes. When these arrive we will be using them to do evaluation of our ELOs in all the programs in the Department.


This Spring starts the m-Learning Initiative in the Mental Health program. We have adapted our courses to take advantage of the technologies available on the Apple iPad and now require that all our studnets own one. We have offset the cost of the iPad to students by adopting free and very inexpensive versions of our textbooks and other resources.

We have incorporated over 80 separate apps into our curriculum across 11 MHT courses. We feel this will not only allow for a more engaged student/faculty experience but will also better prepare our graduates for the mobile-based work environment that awaits them.