Faculty Guide - m-Learning Initative

This document outlines our expectations and resources available to support the m-Learning Initiative in the Mental Health Program


Here we go! We have been working diligently over the last few months to update all the curricula in the Mental Health program and to incorporate the use of Apple iPad technologies directly into the Lesson Plans. You will see the fruit of this labor in your courses.

The resdesign of the courses entails a number of new things you will find in your Bb shells:


On the left-hand menu in your courses there is a new item called "m-Learning" This section contains information for you and your students regarding the implementation of iPad technologies in your class. There are three links in this section of the course.

Start your iPad here! -- outlines what students need to do to prepare their device for ALL the mental health classes. This includes signing up for services such as G-Mail and Drop Box.

m-Learning / iPad Integration Plan -- this document outlines the specific implementation of apps specific to that course. It also provides a link to the companion iTunes U course that you and your students will use to access these apps.

m-Learning / iPad Integration Discussion -- this is a generic discussion board. Encourage your students to use this discussion to ask questions and problem-solve issues that come up with the technology.


At this point, in order to offset the cost of the iPad to our students, we have replaced all of our textbooks with eBook and/or additional class materials (articles, links, etc.).

The exception are three courses (MHT 214, MHT 216, and MHT 218) which have very inexpensive textbooks that are available in both print and digital format.


This promises to be a challenging transition for all of us...however, it also presents a great opportunity to develop and practice problem solving skills. Faced with these challenges it is normal to feel overwhelmed and even frustrated or angry. These are the same energies that can be put to task to overcome the challenges.

We ask the Faculty need to keep things positive. We also need to be very understanding of the technological challenges that our students face (maybe we are facing them too!)

Wendy St. Pierre and I are very interested in hearing about any and all issues that come up including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Students who do not have an iPad yet (and what their plans are)
  • Problems with the files and documents in Blackboard
  • Issues related to specific apps
  • Success stories on the use of apps online and in face-to-face classes
  • Any questions or comments

Feel free to email Wendy and Mark about any of this.


Over the next couple weeks we will be developing and sending out surveys to see how things are going. We will be asking students and Faculty to complete these surveys. We need to gather lots of data in order to measure the impact this initiative is having on our teaching and learning processes.