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Faculty Materials for FYE 125

Generic Syllabus

FYE 125: First Year Seminar
This is a link to the new template-based syllabus that we all need to edit for our individual courses

Materials Related to Content Lesson
Lesson 1: The Role of the Student
Lesson 2: Student Code of Conduct and Civility
Lesson 3: Communicating at KVCC
Lesson 4: Time Management
Lesson 5: Learning Styles and Self Assessment
Lesson 6: Memory and Study Strategies
Lesson 7: Note Taking and Academic Writing

Note Taking Graphic Organizer

Note Taking Self Assessment

Evaluating your Strategy Checklist

Common Misused Words

Lesson 8: Test Taking

Study finds that many people can write their way to test success

Reducing Test Anxiety while Increasing Learning

Test Anxiety: How to Manage It

Lesson 9: Financial Management
Lesson 10: Stress Management
Lesson 11: Personal Wellness
Lesson 12: Advising and Career Planning
Current FYE 125 ONLINE Lesson Plans

Other Materials

Seminars Related Information

Seminar List for Fall 2013
Seminar Plan Assignment Description
Seminar Reflection Assignment Description

Copies of Reflection Journal Instructions from Health Science Seminar (MS Word)

Joe Cuseo's Student Information Sheet
Questions you might ask your students to get to know them and demonstrate genuine caring.

Teaching Resources